Faith Formations

Reflection for July 23

I’d bet that most of us have seen a time-lapse video before: one of those videos where a photo is taken every minute, hour, day, etc., and then run it all together so you can see change occurring in a way you couldn’t if you’d just stood there looking at the object normally. It’s a […]

Reflection for 16 July

LISTEN UP! Many of us have probably used the phrase ‘Are you listening?’ at some point in our lives. Maybe as a parent you’ve said it to your child, or maybe it’s been said to a coworker, or maybe even to a friend in the midst of a conversation. A lot of times ‘Are you […]

Reflection for July 2

Reflection for July 2 – Because I looked ahead and didn’t want to lose my ideas Last week we (re)entered into the liturgical season of Ordinary Time, which will run five months of the year from now until December 4th. Our use of the word ‘ordinary’ has often come to mean something commonplace, typical, or […]

HTPU Bible Studies for 2016-17

Hello All; Here is the list of HTPU Bible Studies for 2016-17. I will send the final dates soon for the studies after Christmas. Please forward this email or pass this information on to any one you think might be interested. ***Those taking Daniel, please let me know asap if you want a book so I […]

Cat Chat Vacation Bible Camp

Hey Guys, I’‛m Moses the Cat from Cat Chat Vacation Bible School, and I’‛m here to remind you about the Vacation Bible Camp this summer, don’‛t forget to register so that we can have a week of fun together. Below are all the important details your Mom and Dad need to know. Links: Bible Camp […]