Catholicism 201

Logo-Caholicism201​Countless numbers of Catholics throughout the world have discovered the great gift of The Alpha Course. This course has helped many renew their faith and commitment  to Christ.

Catholicism 201 arose out of the need for a Catholic follow-up that was directly intended to follow after the Alpha Course.It is modeled after The Alpha Course and inspired by it.

Catholicism 201 was produced in 2006 and is now running worldwide in 24 countries.

Where did we ever get the idea that religious is only for children?

In this day and age, Catholics need more than ever to be able to intelligently integrate their faith into their everyday lives. Father James Mallon created Catholicism 201 to explain our faith in a way that would engage minds and win hearts.

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This eight week course runs every winter beginning in January on Thursday evenings at 7 pm at St. John Vianney.


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