Jesus’ greatest desire is that we come to personally know of the gift of the Father’s love and to respond to that gift with our own “Yes”.

The Catholic Christian Outreach ( has formulated five small group thematic faith studies are:Book-CCO-Discovery

  • Discovery
  • Source
  • Growth
  • Obedience
  • Commission

The Discovery Faith Study Series is a 6 week program that will clearly and simply explore this truth. This is a faith study and not a bible study in a pure sense. These studies look at particular Scripture passages and other Church documents as they relate to certain topics or themes (e.g. prayer, the love of God, the Holy Spirit etc.) These studies do not attempt to teach comprehensive theology. They are simply meant to (re)introduce people to the basics of the Catholic faith, challenging them to greater holiness by means of group discussion.

The second of the five small group thematic Faith studies, Source, looks at the Holy Spirit’s vital role in our lives, which is to empower and direct us to be holy, and teach us to overcome our sinfulness.


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