Congratulations!   You are about to get married!

If you are looking here, you may be planning to be married in the Catholic Church. To help with your planning process , there are a few things to consider before your big day.

  1. Contact the church in your area. You will need to schedule a meeting with a priest or deacon to better understand the steps required for you to participate in this sacrament, and that there are no impediments to you being married in the Catholic Church.
  2. Participate in a Marriage Preparation Course. This will help couple develop a strong foundation for a lasting marriage.Topics covered include expressing feelings and learning to listen, the importance of commitment, resolving conflict, keeping love alive, and talking about goals and values. The programs runs Thursday & Friday 6:30-8:30pm and Saturday 9-3pm. Upcoming Sessions include February 23-25th, 2017 and May 25th-27th, 2017. The cost is $50.
  3. Forms and Paperwork to be completed. Copies of Baptismal Certificates, Proof of Annulments are some examples of the paperwork required. The priest will explain these and assist you in acquiring them.

If you have any questions concerning planning for this Sacrament or registering for an upcoming Preparation course , contact Karen at the Parish office at or at 902 – 865-2112 ext. 31. Please contact the office six months before your marriage. 

“The course was invaluable to us as a couple. We thought we knew everything there was to know about each other but we learned so much and benefited from it enormously.”

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