Local Teen on Goodwill Mission in Nepal

Simon Carriere, 18 yrs old teen from Lower Sackville (St John Vianney Parish), and his friend Gabriel Carriere from Montreal were rescued from a very remove area of Nepal by helicopter early Wednesday morning around 04:00 a.m. Atlantic time while most of us were sleeping.

After bad weather left him and his friend stranded for six days in a small village call GAMGADHI, near TALCHA airport…. See: The Chronicle Herald & CBC articles for more detail:



Simon say:

Prior to the mission Simon and Sush Maa a Nepalien’s women currently in Nepal, raised over $2000 to provide hats, stationary, and sports equipment for the high school in Jumla, which is located in an extremely poor and isolated part of Nepal.

Our Journey started 7th December, travelling 359 km by bus and light plane from Kathmandu to Jumla airport which took 20 hours transporting supplies to the airport. The next day we trek all day to the school arriving late to give the goods to the small remote village.

On December 9th, we delivered 512 hats, loads of sport and learning equipment to a rural school in the mountains. They had never seen a tourist/westerner and where completely unaware of our arrival and mission

One of our favourite memories is arriving to a few kids playing with a flat soccer balls. A few hours later giving them 10 brand new balls with pumps and tape to fix them.

We quickly organized a game and they insisted for us to play with them (at around 2500m we weren’t able to run for very long haha!)

After our stay, we trekked through the himalayan mountains conducting research on how,where and whom we could help and maximize our impact!

A last big thank you to Sush Maa and everyone who help made this mission possible and a grand success.

Thanks you for your prayers, and www.fishtailair.com for the rescue and Global Excel Travel insurance paying for the cost $6,000 us fund for the Evacuation Helicopter.

Please Stay tuned for our next project, we have a special something for you this christmas!

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God bless!

Simon Carriere