Altar Servers

Serve at the various Sunday and Holy Day Masses, Wedding, Funeral etc. celebrated in the church. Adults (men & women), young boys and girls exercise this ministry.

Eucharist Ministers of Holy Communion

Distribute the body and blood of Christ to the faithful at the Eucharistic Celebrations. Also, they bring Holy Communion to the sick & shut-ins in the community. Any Confirmed member can be a Communion minister.

Gift Presenters

Bring the gifts (bread, wine & the collection) to the altar and present those to the presider during the Mass. Individuals or families are encouraged to join this ministry. Any member of the family at any age can be a gift presenter.


Welcome the people at the door for each of the Lord’s Day Masses.


Music is a vital part of our liturgies and parish life. Various choirs sing at the masses, and are accompanied by a variety of musicians.

Ministry of the Word

Includes Lectors who proclaim the Word of God in the First and Second Readings and Animators who introduce the presiding priest, ministers and read the announcements at the various liturgies, including Mass, Funeral, Wedding, Baptism etc.

Mass Coordinators

Ensure that everything is ready for a particular celebration. He/she does not do all the preparatory tasks himself/herself, but he/she does oversee the preparations.


Seat Mass attendees where necessary, take up the collection when required during the Mass and distribute bulletins etc. at the end of the Mass.


Individuals and families who set up, clean and put away sacred vessels, hosts, wine and linens used at each liturgy.

Altar Dressers

Place the altar cloth on the altar during the preparation of the altar, usually done by two persons, a family or a couple.

Art & Environment

Are you an artist, seamstress, flower arranger, carpenter, designer, quilter, photographer, graphic artist, or have theatre background? This committee assists with design, setup and takedown of decorations for the church seasons and celebrations.

Intercession Composers

A team of parishioners who pray over the weekend readings and prepare the Prayers of the Faithful to reflect our families’ and community’s needs for Sunday and other celebrations in the parish.