Saint Vincent de Paul


The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul is an international Catholic organization whose mission is:

  • To live the Gospel message by serving Christ in the poor with love, respect, justice and joy.

Our Pastoral Unit

  • Provide help to those who are in need in the Holy Trinity Pastoral Unit.
  • Provide telephone and personal interaction with needy clients to assess individual situation for assistance.
  • Assistance is given at the local level and is adopted according to the needs of the local community.

Being a Member of the Society involves a commitment to:

  • Attend regular and confidential meetings to discuss action and plans to assist the needy.
  • Visit the poor in their homes as calls for assistance are received.
  • Pray and meditate on the service to the poor through the Vincentian Vocation.
  • Collect and distribute resources to those in need.
  • Address the root causes of poverty and injustice and exhibit a willingness to learn about these issues by attending workshops.
  • Assist all people regardless of race, creed or origin.
  • As Vincentians we strive to see Jesus in the faces of all we serve. When you see the face of Jesus, serving becomes a joy.
  • The Society relies on all members and auxiliaries to give as much time as possible.
  • The only qualification is a desire to care for and befriend Christ's poor.

The Society of Saint Vincent de Paul obtains its funding through the Parish Poor Boxes, collection activities and donations from its benefactors.


  • Parish Office for more information