Parking Lot/Elevator Campaign Update

PARKING LOT RESTORATION, ELEVATOR INSTALLATION CAMPAIGN UPDATE ~ Now that the parking lot and elevator work is finished, we wanted to give you an update on the Fundraising Campaign. We are happy to report that the fundraising is going very well. The following is the current status at the time of the bulletin printing:
Campaign Goal: $250,000
Actual Raised to Date: $188,700
Once all pledges are completed, and with the continued weekly and monthly contributions, we will reach our goal and have sufficient funds to pay for the work. If we raise any funds over and above what is required to pay the contractors, please be assured that it will be used to address other priority requirements, such as repairs to our entrance doors and an upgrading of our security system. We want to sincerely thank everyone who has contributed and those who continue to contribute to this campaign. Your generous support has made possible these important improvements to our place of worship.
Fr. Marc Syrenne, CC, Pastor

Paul Benoit, Campaign Chair