St. John Vianney Parking Options

St. John Vianney Parking Options

When possible, carpool with a friend!

If parking by Ben’s Thrift Store, please be mindful NOT to park in front of the building and especially NOT in front of the loading bays as the delivery trucks need access on Sunday mornings.

  • Parking on side streets including Douglas Ave, Connolly Rd, Dorothy Drive and further up on Judy Ave.
  • We do not have permission to park at Kent’s Building Supplies.
    Empty lot across Sackville Dr. (part of Kent property) available for 10-12 cars. Use 1 driveway for entry, 1 for exit and cross either at the Connolly St. crosswalk or at the light.
  • Parking behind Enterprise, off Douglas Ave, next to Irving available for 15-20 cars.

Please remember to use extreme caution when crossing the street and use the crosswalk and lights only.


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